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In in this design challenge we tried to create a cup insulator. In the first class we planned on a sheet of paper and drew the design and labelled all the materials and then we started creating the prototype out of paper. Then in the second class we finished the prototype and nearly finished the final design. In the last class we finished the final design and tested it.


Our product worked really well because in the whole 10 minutes the temperature of the hot water it only dropped a little bit. The temperature lost in 10 minutes without our insulator was 20.9 degrees Celsius and the temperature lost in 10 minutes with our insulator was 12.1 degrees Celsius.


I am very proud of our group’s teamwork. When one person was at the hot glue station another would be doing something else. Next time when we do a design project to do with water, I would use more waterproof materials.

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