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Narrative Story- Moon light Glints


Moon Light Glints

Gasping for air. Gulping down fear.

The wind howled fiercely and raked across the remains of the scampered leaves of the shadowy trees that towered above the jagged stone path. It led to a house with missing tiles and bricks, unusually dilapidated and unsightly. Its roof was dotted with holes and cracks and the windows were shattered one by one. The painted wood color of the door was almost faded to white, and the doorknobs were rusted black. The two doors were ajar as if someone had pushed open a crack and slipped in. Walking up the long path for a while, a girl breathlessly stepped outside the darkness of the trees.

Yes, that’s me. The only girl stupid enough to be going into that old ragged house just because her sister dared her to. Now, there I was, With the haunted house staring daggers at me with its look as the wind buffeted my hair. I seemed so vulnerable and tiny compared to it. I tried to look brave, but with my legs shaking beneath me, it was impossible. I was shivering, but not because of the cold wind, but because of the threatening look, the haunted house gave me. I seemed so vulnerable and tiny compared to it. I tried to look brave, but with my shaking legs beneath me, it was impossible.

The breeze swept across the land and sent a shiver through my body along with all the imaginary nightmares. My shaken expression gave everything away. Mist blinding my vision as I went in. I can’t even make out my own fingers as I reached out to feel the ragged surface of the brick walls. Thick with dust and dirt. Glancing around, the disturbing sight startled me.

Spilled blood was everywhere, sprayed on the walls, and painted on the ground. The houses are dotted with holes and cracks. The doors hanged on the hinges nearly falling off. Creaking as the wind gently taunted it. What bewildered me the most was the piercing shriek of a trapped girl in the basement that mingers with the powerful flapping wings of a bat and the crying of a haunted child. My shaken expression gave everything away. If all that was true, then for sure, this was a place where there is no going back. Even if anyone dared to go in, it will only be a memory, kept in secret by the powerful metal doors of the haunted house.

THUMP! What was that? Thump! It took me a while to realize I was listening to my own heartbeat. Thump! Thump!

Finally, fear got the better of pride, and I turned to dash for the shadowy trees. Twigs like tiny, sharp hands scratching and pulling my body yowling for me to go back. Despite my bleeding wounds, I whisked past every tree until my house is in sight. Roof glinting, the house looked extra desirable. Before I know it, tears wear rolling down my cheeks and I was whispering to I-don’t-know-who for me to get there faster. Moonlight. Home. Moonlight. Home…

Supposed I was shocked by all that fear, I realized that pride wasn’t everything. If I hadn’t listened to my sister, the cut on my cheek that is now dripping with blood with be only an imagined fear. If only I hadn’t cared about what others thought of me, everything would be fine now…

Gasping for air. Gulping down fear.

Don’t Leave the Frog Hungry!

Our cardboard arcade was originally designed to be a Cookie Monster due to the interests of the fourth graders that is going to be playing our game. But because of the limited time, we were unable to finish our work, and it turned out to look like a frog! Our game is designed to be a shooting game, where you stand from a distance and tries to throw in a ping-pong ball in the “cookie monster’s” mouth. There are two Targets in total, one on the top and one on the bottom. The top one is connected to the track that brings that ball down, if you throw the ball in you get 2 points. And the bottom one is connected a hole to the middle of the project. If you throw it in from a further distance, then you get 2 points too.

Even though my group and I had many disagreements and arguments, we where able to discuss and over come it. For example, one of our biggest obstacle was deciding how big our project should be, we all had different ideas, but at the end, we combined our ideas by using the average length of our ideas. However, we also had many success, for example, when we weren’t able to finish the Cookie Monster that we wanted to design, making it look just like an normal piece of cardboard. But with all of us working together, we where able to add details and changed it into a much more unique looking design- a frog!

Some skills that I have learned and developed where how to cut a cardboard neatly, how to use a knife, how to colabarate better with my partners, how to make changes when designing, how to design a suitable game according to the time, materials that we have. etc. Overall, our design was succesful because due to the unique looking and multiple choices that we provided in or game, the foruth graders loved this competitive, fun, exciting oppertunity to play our game!

My Cup Heat Keeper

I made the cup insulator in order to make the heat stay in the cups longer when people use it.  First, we each made a draft in our science notebook. Then, my partner and I combined our ideas together by taking away the unimportant or useless things and keeping the useful ones. After that, we made a prototype of our design using paper. Then, we make the final version.


The temperature decreased quicker in the beginning than at the end. Evidence 1. The temperature of the water when the  insulator is on in zero minute was 86.2 celsius and 78.8 in two minutes. Evidence 2. The temperature of the water when the  insulator is on was 77.7 when it is 3 minutes and 77.2 two minutes after that. The temperature decreased quicker in the beginning than at the end because at first, there are more heat to lose for the water then the middle or end. Also because at first, the insulator didn’t do its job properly yet, because it needs time to capture the heat and keep it inside.

If I could do something differently next time, I would add another layer of cloth or cotton to make it feel less hot when people put hot water in it.

The hardest thing about this project is designing it such as: coming up with the idea how what style or color it should be in, what material should I use, What should it look like- just a cap or a bottom too.

Where I’m from Poem


My Thing Link

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Story Behind My Name

This is my name poster. 

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