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Design reflection Bluetooth speaker



1.I was struggling with gluing the box because the glue was so sticky and hard to glue the box in.

2.Probably the box and the shape of the box because it looks unique and cool.

3.How to make a speaker and how to make online 3d speaker.

4. The shape of the speaker, The feature of the speaker.

5. I think the most is making the online 3d speaker because I never ever have ever have done something like this

6.I think the shape because there was 2 shapes that i wanted to make but i had one choice and that was very hard to make.

7. Super idol!!! Because It is a unique song to me.


Food waste self assessment

My biggest success was making my project even batter then my sketch for example in my sketch I was going to make my design take long to make and it would be hard and it was not simple so I decided to make it bater looking and simple to understand the design like the little hole you see on top of the box is were the cookie goes and inside the box there is fume on the sides on the bottom and on top of the box and it keeps the cookie from braking. yes I got a beginning on my sketch but know I learned how to make my sketch even batter like putting more details and put more effort  because I didn’t for this sketch because I thought it was not a big of a deal.  What I learned about my self  is that i was getting distracted a lot and I was working hard when I listen and pay acetone. one piece of feedback I’ve gotten from my prototype is that I should make my sketch understandable. one piece of advise I would give to a Future student who is  going to do this project is try to make your design more detailed so you can get higher marks I think. I think my prototype is a success because I worked hard on it and I managed to get my prototype done on time.  I don’t think my prototype is a success because I didn’t get to add all the stuff on my sketch for example the fume and the decoration on the outside of the box.

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