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The successful creation of our cardboard arcade

This is our amazing soccer cardboard arcade. And guess what, we faced a lot of challenges during this design.

I feel like my biggest success was when I got the materials and we carved carefully trying to not miss any small details while cutting a piece of cardboard.

I feel like my biggest obstacle was when my partner had conflict with me when we didn’t know who’s ideas was better. Lastly, everything changed, and we decided that his ideas was better. Due to his small useful details and the detailed labels he sketched on his plan paper.

Skill that I learned or developed were to cut with safely. For example, at the beginning of the class I always forget to put the blade down when putting the knife down. So that’s exactly how I got a lot of blaming from students and teacher. But I later changed by carefully cutting, and from that day on, I never forgot this important technique.

One concern Mr. layman shared with me was my cutting technique. He usually sees me using the knife with full blade on, or sometimes he sees me running around with a knife and blade up. ( This is exactly why I got banned from using the knife for more than 3 times.)

If I did this again, one thing I would do differently is to improve my cutting skills. As an example, if my partner Han sketched a straight line in the center of the cardboard, what I will do is to push the blade harder, so that it will go in the cardboard. Which may help straighten the line my partner just sketched for me.

One piece of advice I would give a future student doing this project is to be really careful when cutting these cardboards. First of all, never ever run around with a knife that has a blade on. Secondly, if you want to cut through these cardboards, then you must follow these directions:
1. Hold the knife 45 degrees angle. which is half of a straight 90 degrees angle.
2. Use some strength on the knife. Especially on the blade part. Which is the very front of the part.
3.Slip out the piece of cardboard you just cut. Because if you use some strength into the blade part of the knife, then it’s likely for you to slip the cardboard you just cut into 2 or two pieces.

Overall, I think this product was successful because we made a lot of communications and eye contacts for better understanding from each other. Secondly, our product were successful because we often reminded each other not to cut the cardboard with the blade fully stretched out.

Science cup insulator

Science cup design insulator
challenges that we faced during this project:
There were many challenges during this project. We had to draw a circle on the cardboard, and later carve it out with a sharp knife. Know as the blade.
Claim: During these 3 sessions in design lab, I learned that temperatures decrease and increase. (But it is not consistent.)
Evidence 1: As an example, the baseline of hot water was 88.6c. It later changed from 88.6-70.1c. That took 10 minutes to accomplish.Just before the 10 minutes block was over, the temperature had already gotten bellow 70c. But as I said before, temperature is not consistent. So it basically increased just before it was over.

We faced a lot of challenges during this project. For example, being burned by a hot glue gun, cutting your hand while using the blade, and stuff like that. But from all those things, we conquered our fears, and successfully made an awesome science cup insulator.

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