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Ball Sliding Game – Sumika’s cardboard arcade game in design class

During my design classes, I have been working on my cardboard arcade game.  My biggest success was that I was able to make my game really steady and straight, because otherwise the balls would not have gone properly and there would be no way to get points.

The biggest challenge I faced was to stop the balls from getting stuck. Although it is a little hard to see in the photos,  the ball, after getting scoring a  point, was supposed to go rolling down the path at the bottom, and show up in the basket (the basket saying THANK YOU FOR PLAYING). However, about 1/3 of the throws were not successful because the height of the path was not big enough. Therefore, I took my game apart, and added another layer. In the end, the balls were able to move smoothly.

One of the skills that I developed during this design process was cutting cardboard pieces using the blades.

One concern I had was the difficulty of my game. I assumed that my game would be pretty easy to get points, so I created a hard version path with 5 obstacles trying to stop the ball from moving forward.

If I did this again, one thing I would do differently is to create more stages, not just the hard stage and the stage without it.

One piece of advice I would give a future student doing this project is that having a leaderboard or a place to write the high score would make the game more exciting, because the players would be desperate to beat the high score.

Overall, I believe my product was successful because I solved all of the annoying problems,

Cup Insulator Challenge-Sumika

In this design challenge, all groups were supposed to design and engineer a cup insulator that would keep the hot drink in the mug warm during cold days in winter.

First, we thought aluminum might help the drink to stay warm. By the way, our group made two parts, the lid and the cover.



My claim is that aluminum works pretty well, and that it is a perfect idea to cover the aluminum with felt.

My evidence is that as you can see in the data sheet, the temperature loss in 10 minutes was 16.8 degrees.  It was about 1.7 degrees of loss per minute, and 1.7 degrees is not that much. The reason we added felt was because it would look nice, and we thought adding another layer would block the cold air to go in the mug.

Our product worked well as a result, having the lid and the cover to fit the mug just fine, and as it says in the criteria, the lid looked good, because of the colorful buttons that we had put on the lid. Moreover, our insulator was not heavy at all, which made it easy to lift the cup. The only thing our group did not appreciate was to see the hot glue melting. Still, this accident had happened to almost all the groups that have used hot glue.

The hard part of this design challenge was to decide which materials to use. We did not want the insulator to be heavy, but to block the cold air going into the mug.



I am really proud of how our group have worked together. First, we came up with different ideas of the design, and different choices of materials, but we discussed about it and made the best plan.  Every teammate did something that was helpful, and therefore it did not take a really long time to actually make the lid.

The next time, I would be more focused on the materials that we use, rather than focusing more on the shape and the structure of the insulator. Still, our group was able to create the lid and test with it.







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