My Skee-Ball Shooter cardboard arcade

A skill I learned while making my cardboard arcade is making tabs. I used them to try and fix a problem where my cardboard was popping up, so I used tabs to try and pull it down.
One thing I’d like to change is using a stiffer piece of cardboard as the main roll-up, so I wouldn’t have to add as many supports, and I probably wouldn’t have the problem where the cardboard was popping up, that I used tabs to try and fix.
Overall I think this project was successful because I finished my game (finished, as in did what I could with the time I had) and it’s fun to play, it has things I could fix and improve, but it’s useable and not falling apart a lot.

Three Day Design

Our teachers need to keep their hot drinks hot, so the students needed to make a cup insulator to keep their drink hot for longer.

Our proses for solving this problem was first, drawing a model for our design to solve this problem, our design was to make a sleeve and a top, then we made a prototype out of paper, to get the sizes of our materials. After that we got our materials to start making our insulator, we got, tinfoil, felt and Velcro for the sleeve, and cloth and tinfoil for the top, we later added a button to the top, so it was easier to pick up. Once we were ready, Cheyenne and I started putting things together, I made the sleeve and she made the top, we used to glue to stick things together. Our last step was to collect data, we used an electronic prob that connected to our computers, and that’s how we found that our insulator worked because our total loss was 13.2 and the total loss with no insulator was 20.9. 

I think that tinfoil is a good insulator. I think tinfoil is a good insulator because we used tinfoil in our top and the sleeve. It helped keep the heat inside because made a barrier that absorbed the heat to keep it trapped insideI think that happens because tinfoil is metal and metal keeps heat, that’s why lots of cup companies use it. 

Some limitations my group faced were that we only had three science classes to do it all, if we had more time, we might have fixed some measurements or made it look better. 

One thing I am proud of is that I made a successful insulator in just three science classes and it didn’t look horrible.