Cotton is a good insulating material

with the cotton insulator, the degree loss decreased by 3 degrees

Cotton is used to make blankets and sweaters so it should be a good insulation material

The hardest thing was to figure out the design of the insulator

A new skill I learned is how to use the electrical thermometer

We were trying to make the best insulator with the materials we have

We first came up with a design, then made a paper prototype, and finally we made our final product

One thing I am proud of is that 2 sixth graders actually managed to put together a working insulator

One limitation is the variety of materials is very limited



My biggest success was that people liked our game and people had fun with our game.

During this time, I learned how to cut cardboard and hot glue better.

If I did make this again, I would cut the sides of the game better and measure more carefully.

One advice I would give future students is when you are cutting cardboard, press down HARD and cut slowly, you must take your time

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