"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

This is my story:

“Swish.” The ball went into the hoop, I turned around, everyone had a respect look on me.

I went to the basketball court on afternoon and the bouncing sound had been glued in the air. There were a lot of people, I joined the game after I put on my sneakers, it started. I saw a person gave the ball to me, but it came nothing in my mind. I caught the ball, dribbled it and went to the basket, when I was pretty close to it and started to shoot, the ball just went away. I admitted that happened was because my hand was cold, I could see that their happy face turned, I acquired to have the ball, but they ignored me many times. Then, a person came to me “Hey, if you can’t shoot, then pass.” He spoke. I felt pretty disappointed for all the ball I missed. I lay down my head, stared at my hands, I felt that I wasn’t playing the same game with them, I got nothing to do, my brain was blank that turned me in to an audience. Suddenly, a person passed to me. “Pass, pass, pass, I’m open” my teammates shouted, but I won’t let this chance slip away. I used my best speed to approach to the basket, and I flied in the air, concentrating myself and aimed, I could see the ball went closer and closer and made a beautiful curve. “Swish.” the ball went into the hoop, I turned around, everyone had a respectable look at me. I could see that their happy face turned back again.

I learned a lesson from this game: no one would trust you until you get stronger.




, Rafael, grade 6.

This is a warm cup design of Rafael and Daisy.  There is two pictures is showing you our  final project and paper prototype.

I think the hardest part is measuring, because you need very accurate details to make the thermos, and our cup is a circle shape so you  can’t use ruler to measure, you need to calculate.This is a combining of design and math. Sometimes you will find out that you need to also have a guess of details, because you may need to have a guess on details because you may want to make on space on some cutting.

I think I learned about the design process, It would be very useful if you know that.

So I think that a problem that we are trying to solve is that our cap is so easy to broke. So first, we make the cap thicker so that makes the cap harder, and we put some tape on it to make it firmer so that make our cap better.

So our prototype  waste lesser heat than no prototype.

Our thermos has 74.9 at last, but no thermos has 71.7 at last.

I am very proud of our thermos’s looking because everyone gives us feedback that our thermos is very pretty, it’s kind of concise style and it’s very reusable.

So if I do this project again I would probably make our thermos design bigger because we actually didn’t cover all the bottle. I think if we make it bigger, it will also be better to keep the cup warm and it will be a better design.

My basketball cardboard arcade game

This is my grade six design cardboard game.

Rafael 6-6

If I did this again, one thing I would do differently is that I could make more baskets because it was really hard to goal when we only have three basket, so if I make more basket, you could have more place to goal and the game would be easier.

One piece of advice I would give a future student doing this project is to cut every piece specifically, that means you have specific details of it. (length height)

Overall I think this product is successful because you could goal from the shooter and the there is also no problem with the length and height of the game, the decoration is also good.


go to this website:      https://isbdragons-my.sharepoint.com/:p:/r/personal/rafael_liuwang_student_isb_bj_edu_cn/Documents/important%20where%20i%20am%20from.pptx?d=w13cf331746654cdcba1d172a51968b49&csf=1&web=1&e=jsrrh2


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