"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein


This is my cardboard game. (BY Rayan)

My biggest success was that my game actually worked. It took me a while to make it at home and  it wasn’t big enough.  When we cam back to campus i came to the design lab and fixed it!

A skill i learned was how to  use the cutting knife. Before, i didnt know how to use a knife to cut cardboard properly. Then when i came to  the design lab i learned how to cut the cardboard properly.

One piece of advice i would give a future student doing this project is that before you use the hot glue gun you could ask the teacher for help. Another piece of advice i would give is use a cutting mat! It will make your life easier because it is soft and won’t  cut the table.

My Cup Insulator

Cup Insulator


The problem was that there was a mug of hot water and we wanted to make the water stay hot and not get cold super fast.


The steps are: First we do sketch of what we are going to do. Then we make a prototype out of paper and then after we do the prototype out of paper we make the real prototype.


A claim is that you must cover the top with things or else hot air can escape. The evidence is if we cover it on top then all of the hot air/smoke wont leave and it will still be hot and if we quickly take of the cover and drink it it’ll be fine.


What im proud of is that our cup insulator kind of worked.

Next time maybe we should try to see why out cup insulator doesent work super good.

The hardest thing in my opinion was the building part because it was kind of hard to find the materials.

Some new skills I learned is to do teamwork better and listen better





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