I was at a soccer match. The score was 5-5, and there were only five minutes left before the game ended. Air rushed past me as I ran forwards, But I knew I couldn’t score. The other team’s defence is like a huge shield blocking the net. I glanced around and saw my teammate was being swarmed by the other team. I shouted out for him to pass to me, but he wasn’t the type of person who passes the ball. The other team managed to take the ball away from him and started to run to our net.

Panic began to coil in my chest as I settled into a mad dash to the ball. I was running with panic, but also determination. I was faster than the guy with the ball, but he had an advantage. He was getting closer to the net as I came closer to him.

 Four meters, I thought. I was gaining on him, but he was extremely close to the net. Right as when he was settling into the position to kick the ball, I ran forward and smoothly, gracefully kicked it out of his way right as he kicked into the air. The expression on his face was so funny! It was the expression of confusion mixed with surprise.  I turned the ball around and started to run towards the other team’s net. I glanced forward. Three people were heading towards me. I glance back. one person. I glanced right. Two people. I glanced left. Two people.

It was at that moment when I realized I was completely surrounded. Uh oh. I thought. I ran forward, even though the other team was heading towards me ahead. It was all I could really do, since if I stopped the people behind me will catch up. Wait, hold on. I thought. On the left, there was a hole. Large enough for me to run through, but risky. I decided to take the chance since there were no other possibilities for me to run past them without losing the ball. I was still running forward, because if I started to run that way they would move over and block that passage. As we were getting closer and closer, I suddenly turn and started to run to the left. I ran as fast as I could, and when I looked back, they were far behind me. Good, I thought. No other people were blocking my way now except for the defenders. As I got closer and closer to victory, I kicked the ball with all of the energy I had left. The ball sailed high, like an arc above the defenders and into the net with a swish.


That day I learnt a lesson. If you wanted to achieve something that seemed almost impossible, you can achieve it by being determined and being persistent about it. Whenever I do something that seems to be impossible, I reflect back to that day, when I first scored a goal for my soccer team.