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Our cardboard arcade game-Skeeball

Our cardboard game’s biggest obstacle in the making was the mechanism in which the ball rolls out when it is thrown into a hole. It was hard because the ball kept getting stuck the duct tape keeping the mechanism together, and it often got stuck in the “funnel.”

One thing I will want to change is to not add that mechanism at all because it took like 2 and a half classes and in the end, we didn’t get a chance to use it at all because it broke in the middle of the class during the time when the grade 4’s came to the design center to play our games.

I think overall this product was successful because in the end, we just removed the ball from the game and gave it to the grade 4’s manually and it still worked. The unsuccessful part of the project was that the top of the project fell from the top of the place where we normally put our projects and it caused many problems. The other unsuccessful part was the mechanism.

Some pictures of the project:


My Cup Insulator

I think the problem we were trying to solve making the outer cardboard layer because since the cup insulator had so many layers the cardboard would be too short to go around the entire thing, which will leave a lot of areas exposed. I had to guess a few centimetres to try to make it fit, and I really only had one shot at getting it right because of the lack of time I had. I solved the problem by a bit because I made some calculations and added around 2cm to the layer and it managed to cover it slightly more, but they’re still was an exposed part. The hardest thing about this was the way to get the cup out of the insulator, and we were supposed to have a mechanism to get the cup out, but we lacked the time and could not do that, so we just used rubber bands to hold it in place. Some skills I’ve learned inside this project was the design cycle since at the start of the project I thought that we would just write a paragraph or sentence of our plane and just start to build the main model, but I never knew that we would have to build prototypes and other things, too. My CER is that the lid of an insulator impacts the cup the most, possibly even more than the sides. My evidence for this was that we didn’t have a lid, and our last temperature log was 72.6. Another group was sitting close to us, so we decided to ask them their last temperature log, and it was around 76 degrees. Their insulator only had one layer of EVA foam, and that was around it, but they had a lid. My reasoning is that a well-made lid will trap the evaporated heat inside, while one without a lid will let it roam free.

One thing that I am proud of is that our insulator worked well because if you were to hold the cardboard you cannot feel any heat coming out of there. One thing I will do differently next time is to add a lid and make the layers smaller so we would have more time to work on the lid and make it look better. The limitations we had was the mechanism to get the mug out of the insulator because it was very complicated and took too much time. We also couldn’t add a lid, and a part of the mug was still exposed.



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