"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein




In a freezing winter, will you feel cold? If it were me, I would say: “No.”


White snow is like a small silver bead, like a little raindrop, one after another hangs up the white curtain. Looking up through the light snow curtain, the tall elementary school building in the distance is faint; my mother walked me through the most darkness placed in the whole world…


Early in the morning, my mother sent me to school.


“wuuuuuuuuu” Blowing, whistling, the cold wind is like a sharp sword hitting us towards the ground, cold snowflakes drilling into our collars and sleeves without any scruples. My mother turned her head  in the cold wind and told me: “Richard, the snow is slippery, you step in my footsteps, don’t wet your shoes.”


Mom’s words drifted far, far away in the wind, and my heart became hot regardless of the cold wind and the heavy snow.


My mother walked in the front, and I stepped on my mother’s footsteps in the back. Though it only two minutes of walking but I felt like hours had passed. When I was approaching the school, suddenly I slipped and sat in the snow, as the cold snow-wet my pant, my mother turned around and pulled me up. I was shocked by my mother’s frosty, snow-covered eyebrows and eyelashes; I never thought it would be so hard to walk in front; I didn’t know that I walked so far behind with almost no resistance; I was staring at my mother’s snowy face, my tears start running down my face, “Are you ok?” my mother asked me. Still, the word freezes in her breath, I felt like there is a marshmallow in my throat, I can’t say anything, I turn around and start walking behind my mother again.



Walking on the footsteps that my mother made by, feeling the warmth left by her when she walked by.


Looking back, a string of winding footprints stretched behind her, a line of prints full of mother’s love.


Many times, love only needs a look, a cup of warm water, or a footprint. This will be enough to make people cry. I have long been unable to find the footprints in the snow, but the sense of trust, warmth, and touch in those footprints are firmly imprinted in my heart.


The silent footprints often contain infinite mother’s love.






WOW insulator


This is the data for the cup insulator, for more clearly information, the baseline temperature is 86.9, without the insulator is 92.6. Temperature after 5 minutes is 78.2, without the insulator is 86.5. The temperature after 10 minutes is 73.7, without the insulator is 75.3. Temperature in 15 minutes is 13.2, without the insulator is 20.7. All temperature are measure in Celsius



From side view. The different between the prototype and the real insulator is… 1. prototype The prototype is a little different from the real insulator because I find out that it cannot stick out, so we tried to stick the wooden stick into it to keep it steady. the prototype is below 

 This is my next change and model        3299_001

I am from poem

Love from mother


Hong Kong is the place of my childhood.


love is a small stamp; love is another name of mother.


When I catch a cold, love is my mother’s care, day by day and night by night


when it is my birthday, love is my mother always organize the party for me,


In the morning, love is mother’s breakfast, always let me get healthy and good life.


I am from Beijing When I was a teenager, when love is a narrow ticket

I’m here and my mother is over there,


when an exam starts, I am at my test room and my mother is couraging me over there, Later

love is a short tomb I’m outside and Mother in it.


I am from all the love that my mother gives me, every breakfast, every cold, every birthday, every exam……….


And in the future, Love is a long bridge, you come here, I go there!


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My name story

My name stories


Each of us has our own name. Do you like your own name? Let me introduce my own name first.


My name is Yu chang he. At first hearing this name, you must think I am ” a beautiful and lively sunny but ‘’NO” I am a handsome little boy, ”

My mother told me that it is my honor to be named Yu chang he. Why? Throughout history, there are many great men named Yu. Yu qui yu, a famous of culture Tang Dynasty, wrote ” 千年一叹,and 文华苦族、。.. it can be said to be a household name. The famous Grandpa took the word “YU” for me. Grandpa said that my five elements are short of water, and the flood is huge, surging and unstoppable. His destructive power is great. Taking the word “yu” will benefit me for a lifetime.

My last name doesn’t need to be explained. What is my father’s last name? What is my natural last name? The fortune teller said that my five elements are lack of wood, so my second word becomes the word “wood”. When it comes to this, I can’t help but ask my father, is “yu” next to the word wood? My father laughed at me and said that I had too little knowledge and that “yu” was next to the word “wood” in ancient times. I am deeply touched by the


This is the origin of my name. The German given name Richard derives from the old Germanic words “ric” (“ruler, leader, king”) and “hard” (“strong, brave, hardy”), and it therefore means “strong in rule”. Nicknames include “Richy”, “Dick”, “Dickon”, “Dickie”, “Rich”, “Richie”, “Rick”, “Rico”, “Ricky”, and others.


“Richard” is a common male name in many Germanic languages, including English, German, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Icelandic, and Dutch. It is also often used as a French, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Finnish, or Estonian name.



I wonder if you have any wishes when you mute your name silently? I have only one dream in my life, and that is to enter the Jian Qiao university. Don’t worry, if you want to know what my dream has to do with my name, just read on. In the wish of my parents, I study hard, reading through lots of books, but I know, if me only study English and Chinese that is not enough, so I learn drawing, playing gaiter and playing ice hockey.


I love my name! It is filled with love, it is filed with care and kindness, it is filled with dreams….   I love my name!




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