"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

Cardboard Arcade Game( Table soccer)

In my G6 Design class, we have a Cardboard Arcade Game project.I was super excited , my partner
is Huiju!And we after discussing for a long time, finally decided to do table football!You know what is Table Football?
So Table football is basically a football game that play on the table, so you can use the handle and players to play this game.It hard to make those little tiny players, we made this players for about 3 or more classes to finish making them.And the handle things isn’t hard to make , but you have to use your brain to think about how long you will make them, and also think about how can you  make sure that it won’t broke if you twisted . You have to reinforce them every single time after you play it ,Some protective measures!
My biggest obstacle when I made table football is making those tiny little player, its  so small you got to measure every single players.And also when you are cutting those players you have to cut the same size.when you’re sticking them on  the handle is super hard, because you have to use the rulers to see if it the right position  to stick them.
If I did this again , one thing I would so differently is I will change the side that is not the handle, that is, the side that prevents the handle from falling. I will change it from an ice cream stick to a wooden stick or something, but it must be different from the side of the handle. Because when children in the fourth grade play, they always catch the wrong, which makes them very confused. So I want to change the look, it will be easier for them!

where I’m from poem(Ruby)

Ruby’s where I’m from poem

Ruby Guo-‘Guo Pei Qi

This is my name story!please enjoy.

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