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My Cardboard Arcade Game “T-REX RUNNER”

This is my game, we named it t-rex runner.

My biggest success was the outward, I tried really hard on it and it looks good.

I think my biggest obstacle  was the game over sign, it was really hard to find out how can it fall down to the right place without breaking it.

Skills I learned is the skills of cutting, I learned how to cut it nicely and safely.

One thing I want to change is the inside, and because of it we couldn’t let fourth graders to play our game.




Cup Design Challenge Review                                                                                    by Ryan Qi



1.What are you proud of?

-I’m proud of that the temperature of the water didn’t fall that much, it indicated my cup sealed very well. We did a good job on designing and making the paper cup.


2 What would you do differently?

-Make it look better not just using ugly carboard, maybe add some colors and decorations to make it prettier.

– Use more tapes or glue to make it airtight, without these many gaps on the cup, I believe we could save more energy.

-Use foil paper the wrap the water cup, so all the heat can be reflected back and keep the heat energy from losing.


3 What was the hardest things about this project?

-I think this project is not that hard. But choosing the right materials for the cup maybe was a bit tricky. More importantly, how to design the cup to prevent air-leakage is hard.  I also found working with my teammates and came out with ideas we all agreed on was hard.


4 What are new skills you learned in this project

-In this project, I learned that in order to keep the temperature and save the energy, we need to stop the air movements. That’s why we used tapes to seal the gaps on the paper cup and added bubble wrap to take all the spaces inside the paper cup. What we did was trying to make inside the paper cup a vacuum space as much as we could. So, we can avoid possible air leakage, and keep more energy inside the water cup.

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