Cup Insulator Challenge

The problem was we needed heat in the water.We were making a cup insulator. We first made a sketch then we made a prototype, and then we made a final product. My claim is that felt was a great insulator.  The following sentence highlight my evidence: When the cup with out a insulator it started with 92.6 then ended with 71.1, when with the insulator it started with 87.3 then ended with with 73.9. my reasoning is that there was a big difference when using the felt Some how the felt stoped the heat very well. I am very proud with how good it was at insulating. One thing that I would like to do differently is ad more to the design.


My cardboard arcade game

One of the things that I would change with my game is make it so the marbles can’t go into the corners or in the wall. When they do go into the corners or in the wall, you cant get them out so you need to reset the game. It has made the game a little less fun. I would fix this by making the edges like hills.

If I did this project again I would make the game a little longer so the players stop bashing into each other. This happened quite a lot because the players were energetic and the size of the rink was too small.

My biggest success was getting the game done on time so the 4th grades could give it a go. This was a big success for me because I came late and only had 3 classes.