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Cardboard arcade game

This is a card board game that looks alike as a air hockey(but with no air)

If I still have time to make a little change, I would make the goal better. I would make a thing to keep the ball in the goal and not bouncing out, because right now when the ball get’s in the goal it’ll bounce out, and people might be fighting about if it got in or not, and I don’t want that to happen in my game, because what I want is to let people have fun, but not fighting for win or lose.👍🏻✨

For this project I had a small advice that I really think was good, she said that the gaming space was too less, it was hard to keep the ball to herself, so if I had more time I would make the boar bigger to play.

From this project I learned how to cut the board better, how to cut it smoother, because I was really having a hard time cutting a circle.😓

Mug Designing Reflect

Design mug reflect

A few days ago, the teacher gave us some fun work. We have to try to make the hot water in a mug as hot as possible without using heaters. Me and my teammates Eva and Jade first had to draw a model. Our first idea was to wrap foil inside and outside the cup and add another layer of cotton balls outside. My thinking was that when you bake with foil, it gets heated up. If there’s hot water inside the cup, the foil also gets heated, so the water keeps hot. Like frying eggs, if you heat up the pan and put the egg on the pan even without fire, the eggs will get cooked. But then, the teacher said that we couldn’t put anything inside because we have to drink the water inside. But our plan won’t work if we aren’t allowed to put stuff inside! Later, Eva gave us a good idea. We can make a lid that’s made of cardboard and wrap it with foil. I think that it works as well as foil inside, (Hopefully)so we used this plan! After we finished the mug, we are going to test how many degrees the water went down after 10 mins. The first test, the lid wasn’t big enough, so lots of heat went out. The water went off almost 15 degrees! The second timewe added more foil on the lid. This time, it only went down for 11 degrees! This time, we learned that if the results are not the ones that you want, you can still try again. Only finding your places that are not that good and change them, then you will be satisfied. It is also very fun making, maybe the result wasn’t what I wanted, but at least I put a lot of effort in it.

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