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Science Cup Insulator Design Challenge

  1. The problem we are trying to solve is we want to keep the mug warm as long as possible; it also must be removable; it must have a space for you drink and it must be something you would buy at a store. 
  1. First, we measure out the place where we have to cover the cup for the insulator to work. Then, we looked at the parts where the insulator will connect for it to stay on the cup. After that, we made a paper prototype and changed some parts that will not work. Lastly, we cut out the shape of our insulator on EVA foam and hot glued the emergency blanket on to the foam piece, and our project was finished. 
  1. The heat of the water is dropping bit fast because there are gaps on the insulator, so the heat escaped. In the line graph, the temperature dropped about 1 degree Celsius per minute, and in the graph that showed the data of the heat of water in the cup showed that the heat dropped about 2 degrees Celsius per minute, and that is only a difference of one degree with and without the insulator, that is not really effective. There were some gaps in the cup insulator that would let the heat out, for example, on the top and bottom pieces of the insulator, the circle wasn’t big enough, it only barely fits the cup. Also, I there were a 2 cm gap between the edge of the insulator to the edge of the cup for mouth space, but apparently, it was a bit too much left exposed so the heat will escape. The heat escaped because that there were gaps left open on the cup so without the protection the insulator, the heat will escape, and the temperature of the water dropped fast. 
  1. am proud of how we made the cover of it very simple and clean, so it looked really neat. A few things I would do differently next time is one, I would add/take away about half a centimeter to my insulator because the foam itself is very thick. Secondly, I would find another way to create a drinking mouth space, because apparently, we are giving too much mouth space that we are losing heat. Third I would add a few more layers of emergency blanket to make it more protective. Lastly, I would like to sew a thin strip of fabric on to the rims of the insulator to make it look neater. 

My Design Cardboard Arcade Project: Wacky Tower Ball

My design cardboard arcade project is called “Wacky Tower Ball”, it has 3 layers, whichever number the ball lands on, you get the matching points. You put the ball through the hole in the top and it will go through the maze, in the second layer, you control it using the halves of paper cups and direct it into one of the holes.


First, my biggest obstacle was that our game was really big and we struggled to finish the game on time. At first our game was just a pile of frames for the whole game, we worried that there won’t be enough time to put the game together, but in the end we split up and worked separately so we finished our game just in time, since the glueing and measuring weren’t perfect so we called it WACKY tower ball to save the game.

Secondly, if I did this again, one thing I would do differently is I would measure them very precisely so every thing would fit better and think about more details, because this time we kind of rushed through our game.

Lastly, one piece of advice I would give to future students is that don’t design you game too big because, one, it’s gonna take a long time and it will be very difficult to take it home, also finding big pieces of card board is not easy.

Stella’s I am from poem “The Frozen Past”

This is my “Where I’m From” poem, hope you like it!

My Name Story

Hello, this is my name story, please enjoy!  ;P

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