My biggest was making my design possible because it was hard attaching all cardboards together, sometimes hot glue slides down the cardboard which makes my success a little bit harder. Even if I make it, I failed it because the hot glue slid down. But successfully, I made it without my hands shaking too much.

My biggest obstacle was making a lid on top, I have to stick four small pieces of cardboard on another cardboard to make the lid.  I have to make sure that the four small pieces are the same and make sure the hot glue is not sliding off. I failed a little bit but I guess it’s ok because it’s not a pretty big influence on the project.

I learned how to control the hot glue without falling off, well kind of. I developed my sketching and my planning during the start of my project.

I found out when I started making a project, I always change the plan a little bit because my plans are sometimes not realistic. Now I get to know myself a little bit more, I chase for success.

If I have more time to edit and revise my prototype, I will make the handle stronger. The handle right now is pretty weak and it’s bent, I might use some steel to make the handle stronger.