"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

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This is my cardboard arcade game, the basketball thing, so the difficult part was making the ball go in but you can go to any angles. The structure of it is very simple. I think something that I need to improve is making the ball to go in easier and make it more fun so everyone could play my game.

Cup isolator design

1.What are you proud of?

Am proud of that we used time wisely and our work did kept the water warm.

2.What would you do differently?

Maybe we should apply a top lid so it could keep the warm energy in the cup.

3.What was the hardest thing about the project?

Its like me and Seojun didn’t know what materials to keep it warm, its hard to decide.

4.What are some limitations your group experienced in this design challenge?

We didn’t have time to make the last layer of the shirt.

My name story

The Story of My Name


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