"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

My Space cardboard Arcade Game

The goal of my game is to make the marble in the rocket reach at the hole in the moon, not falling into the holes before the moon.


  •  My biggest success was making rocket’s hole deeper. Before, the dept of the hole was too low, so the marble keep fell down from the rocket. By adding more cardboards to the side of the hole, it was able to keep the marble stable while rocket was moving.
  • If I did this again, on thing that I will do differently is using bigger box for second one. Now, I sticked two different size of box, so marble that falled in the moon can come out from seperate place.  Second box I used was a bit thin for the marble to pass, so it was hard to get marbles out from the box. Next time, I will use same box as first one,
  • Skills that I learn/developed was knife using skills. Before the project, I didn’t used the knife very well, so it was bit uncomfortable to cut the cardboard with scissors. But now, I can use knife safely and properly.

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