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Author: Alex

My cardboard arcade: Skeeball

In first quarter design this year, our class made cardboard arcade games with team, which is inspired by Caine’s cardboard arcade

In this design class our team made the cardboard arcade game named Skee Ball.

I think the biggest challenge of this game was the size, because our game’s size was way more bigger than other student’s game, so we took a lot of time to made this game.

If I do this again, one thing I would do differently is the size of the hole, because our game seems really easy, but it is very challenging to shot the ball in the hole with slingshot, so  I want to change the size of the hole and make game easier. Also, I would only use hot glue next time, because this cardboard arcade game with duck tape looks really ugly.

Overall, I think this product was successful because most of the student in 4th grade played our game, and our sling shot and speedbump worked really well.

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