Monthly Archives: March 2022

1. Overall, I think that this product was successful because many kids play it and no one said that there was a problem with it, even the teacher played it and didn’t say anything. also when I played it I didn’t notice anything wrong with it.

2. If I could do this again, I would like to change is the cardboard because my partner and I, when we were cutting it, we were too rough, which caused it to look very ugly and another place I would like to change is the hold, it is too hard for the kid to play they always fall at the same place many times. last is to use hot glue instead of duck tape, It also looks very ugly.

3. Onepiece of advice o would give a future student doing this project is maybe they should try to use tape or duck tape instead of using hot glue because they might get burned by the hot glue. If they use tape they won’t get burned.