In those pictures I took, you can see our cardboard arcade that was made: the basketball hoop shooting game.

This game was played with a ball, a shooter and some hoops. You goal is to shoot the balls into the hoops to get points by using the ball-shooter, just like the picture above. There are easy ones, which you will get lower points by shooting in. And of course, there are harder ones that when you shoot in you will get higher points than the easy ones. There also includes cool features such as double-pointer and a 500pt box. That means when you throw into the box you will get 500 points immediately. Come and try if you want!

Here are some things that I would like to change.

Firstly, I would measure the cardboards more precisely and so we will find out easier when we are attaching the cardboard pieces to the main arcade. That will be more beautiful and also, more playable.

Secondly, I would change the point system lower so that it might be more sense for the target than the high points and even HIGHER targets we want to challenge. So that more students will come and play our game.

Lastly, I would want to make the arcade bigger and so it will be more interesting and also, more people will come and play our games.

My biggest obstacle of this arcade was making the ball-shooter, because it need to have a lot of  small cardboard pieces and you have to make a hole in it. It took us 4-5 classes to finish the shooter. Another part of the shooter is the small connecting wood bar. We have to cut it from a long wood bar. And we have use all we had(knife, scissors, mats etc.) and we finally made it after two class. This game need to be easier, I think.

Overall, I think this arcade was successful because it works the best statut of all of the tests we had, and a lot of 4th graders had came to our’s and played. I would love to make another one next time, and of course I’m going to choose Design at 7th grade.