This is our pin ball cardboard arcade game. The target of the game is to use the two arms at the end of the game to shoot the marble into the scoring area and score.

My biggest obstacle was making the launch sling shot device. The sticks were very fragile and they’re hard to work with hot glue. And the result to that was there was this big glob of hot glue at the end part, you can see that in the photo. The launcher was also a little unsuccessful because when we launch the marble, the marble went directly for the hole. Also, the marble didn’t shoot up, but it shot sideways.

One thing that I would like to change is the two arms. Since it is powered by rubber bands, it can break easily and takes time to gain force. I would rather change it into two buttons on the side and the mechanism inside the game will allow the arms to move when we hit the button. It will be much faster to move the arm and the arm wouldn’t easily brake.

Overall, I think this product was successful and unsuccessful. It was unsuccessful because both the launcher and the arms were not able to hit the marble greatly. Additionally, not much 4th graders came to play our game. The ones who played say that the game was too hard. It was successful because it allowed me to grow and allowed me to understand something. Sometimes, complicated is not the best, things should be as simple as it could be and still work as the same.

One device I would give to future student is that never make over complicated and hard games. Since they are only 4th graders, they don’t understand over complicated rules and their reflexes are not good as ours. Always remember, make the game simple and easy to play!