One thing I learned is when you use the hot glue gun,  Put the glue on the parts of the cardboard that you actually want to glue down not on the edges because then it won’t stick down properly.

My biggest obstacle was having to tape down the sides inside the cardboard box we used. We had to use a lot of duct tape until we finally stuck it down. it was also a struggle to cut through the cardboard to make are columns without cutting off the barrier separating them.

One thing that concerned me was the shape of some of the cutting into the cardboard at first I wasn’t really sure if the ball was even going to make it into the columns but lucky it did.

Overall I think me and my partner did a great job, Our game was pretty popular and I liked seeing the smiles on the fourth grader’s faces. I like this project since we could share this with them. I also liked that we had time to decorate our game since we finished early. I’m glad that even though my partner wasn’t there some of the time I was easily able the manage.