The top view of cardboard arcade our team made

The back view

overall view

the top(?) view

This is my cardboard arcade game.

My biggest obstacle was making the wall of the table soccer game. It is because it was very weak. So Mr. Layman, our genius teacher, helped my team by showing us a very superb method. It helped us a lot and made the wall more stable.

My biggest success was during the arcade playing time. I think the 4th graders enjoyed it a lot and it was quite popular. Our game also did not break, so did the players and sticks, avoiding Mr. Layman’s dark prediction.

The only thing I want to change next time I make it is making the score-keeping system more effective. Our team used magnets to keep track of the score, but the magnet kept falling off. Next time, I will try to make a more stable and effective scorekeeper.

Overall, I think the arcade was a success. I had great fun making it and so did the 4th graders playing it. I think this is the best project I did in any of the design or art classes!!