So, I was going to do a soccer arcade game. I went to youtube to find an arcade game, to my surprise, I finally found an soccer arcade game. But, little did I know, when i saw how easy they made it was accepted to make this. When I started it, I realized it was not easy as it looked, They showed a really hard step and because it was too hard they skipped that part but they put it without showing how to do the step. We finally finished it. Me and my partner was waiting for the fourth graders to come and play. But, this was the time I realized something wrong. When they were playing our arcade game there wasn’t for the first minute nothing went wrong they were enjoying it and having tons of fun, but time passed by there were something wrong with our cardboard arcade game, when players got close together the magnets clipped to each other, they called us and we rushed to see what was happening, it turned out that the players where clipped together. I was so mad because that was the second time this had happened and they told us that they liked simple games not the game that we made so here is what we did, “I grabbed a white board marker and wrote, “You cannot play this card board arcade game!” “The sign said” and with that our card board arcade game was banned for the whole block and with that I realized that whatever the internet shows you something that is very easy and they tell “you can finish it in one day.” Do not think that it will be incredibly simple.