SKIBAWL: My Cardboard Arcade Game

In first quarter design this year, we were to make a cardboard arcade game in our groups, inspired by the legendary Caine’s arcade. Our game, of course, was Skeeball. Your goal in Skeeball is to get the ball, in our case a ping-pong ball, into the holes via method set by the creators, in our case, via a launcher.

If I did this again, I would change the catcher tray because it looks really, really ugly. Another thing I would change is the launcher, because the current one creates backspin and is hard to control. (In other words, the ball slips out and sometimes fires backwards.)

Overall, I think this product was successful because some of the 4th graders that played it were getting really frustrated at how hard it was (because of the launcher), but after a little bit of time they would come back and try again. Overall, they were quite happy when they played the game though. (I think.)

One of the biggest obstacles was time. We were very short on time, because we hadn’t made the launcher or the catcher bucket and we had hardly any time left. (We managed, though. We originally thought we might have to make the ball flicking powered, but we came through.)

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