Monthly Archives: March 2022

My Cardboard Arcade Project (Design 6th Grade)

My Biggest Success in this project is definitely making it interesting so that the 4th graders that played liked it. They played it again and again trying to beat the high score, it was even more meaningful because the class who played our games was my class when I was 4th grade! Another success was doing good team work with Sean to build the project.

One of the biggest obstacle was setting the score for every cup. This is because if you make one of the cups very hard but gives too less points the kids who play will complain. You have to balance the points and the difficulty or it will cause big trouble.

Overall, I think this project is a success because a lot of 4th graders played it, enjoyed it, and half of them came back to play again. My partner Sean and I as the designers of this project enjoyed playing it too and of course making it because we really put our effort into it. I look forward to 7th grade product design where I will keep improving my design skills.