I honestly think the game I made with my partner, Anna, was a success. Sure, it was pretty hard to play and not a million people came to play it but I like it. I think our biggest success in it was the design. A few other people also made basketball games but ours wasn’t just basketball, it was basketball in the design of giraffes! Also, we had no instructions on how to make any of it and we still succeeded! However, making this game did have its obstacles. I think my biggest obstacle making this game was coloring the cardboard. We wanted to make the base of the game green to match the giraffe theme but since we didn’t have paint, we had to use markers. To make it harder, Anna was on a field trip that day to I had to color both big pieces of cardboard by myself with a nearly dried out marker! In the end, however, the marker decided to not completely run out of ink and I was just barely able to finish coloring! One piece of advice I would give to future students is to never give up. Doubt is sure to gnaw at you while making this, especially if you don’t think people will like your game or if something goes wrong with your game that you don’t know how to fix. My partner, Anna, wanted to give up on our giraffe basketball game and make our marble maze idea instead. However, we were already short of time then so I told her we should keep going with our basketball game. Even though Anna constantly reminded me of how our game was going to fail, I could tell she didn’t really want to remake another game with so little time. I really enjoyed this project and I hope I will be able to do it again sometime!