This is my cardboard arcade game.

My biggest success was finished making my own arcade game with a cardboard. I also learned and meeting the crafting and the sharing skills in design.

My fail was my cardboard arcade is broke by someone. After sharing,,, I can make it stronger, if I can make it again. My figure to shoot was also a fail, it is too strong, it never fall down.

The advise for the others making an arcade is watch out the hot glue gun, finish all the stuff with glue gun when there is space, just after 3 minutes it already gone. Hand burn is the second reason to watch out when you are using glue gun, use your whole sense to watch out the glue gun!

The cardboard arcade was really nice, we made it with the idea that we thought , this point is really amazing. We really don’t have an experience or chance to make something with our idea. The second reason is the sharing. I was glad that the students enjoyed our cardboard arcade and come to retry this. I love to have this Design Class! Thank you isb and Mr. Layman.