"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

First board game project

This is my cardboard arcade, about a soccer penalty kicking game.  I enjoy making this game, and my biggest success was the shooter we made, it was complicated and hard, but as we colabrite we make it . And it’s the coolest part in our project.

My biggest obstacle is the making goalkeeper. We are so stress on the combining part, and and the last we use the teacher an he helped us to conbin the the two wooden stick by nail the nail between them, and it was so hard. The skill I have learn and developed is the skill of using hot glue gun. Ine things I would love to change is the goal, I want to change the goal to staff, because the ball wouldn’t going to boce everywhere, ans it also look nicer.

I think this project is success, because there was a lots of people play our games, and I think it’s pretty fun too, but one thing it isn’t so success is there’s so many tape on our game, and it does look so nice, so I would like to change is part, if I have the chance to do it again. And I wish that I could take it home, but I think I can’t, but in a word it’s really a wonderful card board game.

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