If I did this again I would make several changes. First, I would think of this game from a 4th grader’s point of view and ask myself the questions, “Would I play this game? How many times would I play it? Would I bring my friends to play it again?”. I would like to make my game so that my answer to all those questions would be “Of course!”. I’d do this by making the hoops bigger so that it would be easier for the kids to make a good toss. Another thing I’d change is the stacked cups, I’d place them further away from the walls of the box so that making the toss would be even easier.

I’d give future students who do this project some advice. First, I’d tell them to consider what kind of cardboard games they would want to play. Once they have the answer, ask yourself if you can make the game and how long it would take. If you’re satisfied with those answers then go ahead!

My biggest obstacle was making this game possible. The front of the box was too high and it was physically impossible unless you stood right in front of it. Like a carnival game, it was rigged. We decided to cut the front a bit lower but it didn’t change much except that it was kind of easier. We just decided to leave it at that, and it was a flop. It didn’t work! No one could make it and every toss was so close but not quite.