My biggest success is that we finished it in time although we came about some frustration about the pin arranging thingy we still manage to change the came subject in time .At first we made a bowlin machine but the string that arrange the pins is not smooth enough we changed a couple of different types of string but it all wont work so at the last class we change it to an obstacle game it wasn’t a huge success but we still manage to run it workin so at least we accomplished somethin.

One thing I want to change is the string that we use because when we found out the wool string is not smooth enough  it is already the last day and we don’t have enough time to my the changes and even though we manage to change it to fishing string in time we found out it is still not smooth enough which cause us to change it a pinball machine.

One advice I will give future student is dont make over complicated games pinball and so is the best choices because complicated games take long time to make so you wont have much time to test the game itself which for example we made the fishing rod and the second to last class and at the last class we found out there is problem with the string which sometimes destroys your entire game.