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My CardBoard Arcade Creation

This cardboard arcade project was made by my friend Simon and I.  The theme of this game is about one of the most popular game called Among Us. Our game is about of the tasks the crewmates have to do which is shooting the meteorites in space. As you can see, we used the format of a basketball shooting game to create but instead of the basket for basketball, we made it represent the meteorites in space. There is also a UFO and a flaming meteorite to be more creative. We also made a shooter to fire and catapult the ping-pong balls towards each meteorite. We also decorated the sides with a sign of “Steve + Simon Productions” and a copyright sign.


I think my biggest success was finishing this design in 5 classes and making it actually playable. This actually took us an awful lot of time, we were actually a little behind and almost didn’t finish. We had to work our butts off on the 5th day and we even had to come at Flex time to decorate and make the game seem and feel better. We also had to finish the shooter for the game really quick and also making it nearly perfect, the shooter was really important because without it the whole game at the end would not be playable. At last, we hurried a little and missed some decorations we wanted to do but at last finished it and the 4th grade students enjoyed it a lot.

I think the biggest obstacle we encountered was sticking the two sides of the game together. Because the sides of the game is very big and heavy, it was hard to glue it to the to the board of the game and keeping the two sides stable and not fall off. It was especially hard to fit it together, with the holes and parts that are not perfect from cutting. The hot glue would keep moving to other places which would make it more hard let it cool at the places we want it to be.

If I did this again, one thing I would do next time is putting a cardboard piece slanted behind each basket. We figured out that the ping-pong ball would get stuck at the cardboard piece that is holding the meteorite basket up. We would have to stop the game and the timer to get it out and let it slide down and return from the “Laser Return”. The 4th graders had to wait but they were patient with us and didn’t complain. If we put a cardboard piece behind the cardboard that is holding up the meteorite basket, it would allow the ball that roll behind it to roll of the cardboard piece and return to the “Laser return”.

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