We made a cardboard basketball game. We almost didn’t finish our project, but Mr. Layman gave us more time to complete our project.

One of our biggest obstacles during our project was people playing our games while it wasn’t finished.  When we were working on other parts of our game, people would often and secretly play our it. Additionally, when we were hot glueing our game, people would just come to our game and play it like it was okay. However, we managed to work hard and finish our game in time.

One concern that was shared with me was to make more parts of our game in case some of it breaks. I took the advice and started to build backup parts so we could easily replace them when the game actually breaks. Sadly, I did not have time to finish my backup parts and we had to publish our game.

Overall, I think this project was successful because a lot of fourth graders played our game. They usually took two or more turns to play our game. Also, I saw some fourth graders sharing the game with their friends, and I was sure glad. Additionally, the fourth graders that scored a lot of points in our game were very happy and exited, and that was additional evidence to me that our game was successful.