my biggest obstacle was making the paddles for hitting the marble back up because i couldn’t figure out how to tie the elastic bands around the wooden stick which was glued to the paddle. it also originally wouldn’t be able to be aimed but i found out a way to aim it and pull it back which almost took an entire lesson. it also was a obstacle again because once you fired the paddles, you would have to regain control of them which in the time you had to regain them, the marble would already. be past the paddles.

one thing i would like to change would be the slingshot/starting system. the reason for this is because when you pull the handle it would fling the marble out of the channel so fast that it would be impossible to actually hit it back onto the main board because of the velocity and trajectory the marble had.

my biggest success was probably the scoring system. it was the most successful because it was quick and easy, plus, it was effective and was possible to score. to make the system, all it took was a couple of V-shaped cardboard pieces, hot glued into place in a sharp V. it stayed put and was tough which meant it couldn’t break easily.

overall, i think my creation was unsuccessful because it had too many errors and weaknesses compared to the strengths and fun it projected. i think it was not successful because it took too long and was a hassle ton. build.