Panda Book Awards!

A message from the ES Library:

Voting is underway for the Panda Book Awards!

Classes have voted during their library time but we would love parents to share their opinions too!

Here is the link to both the direct voting site and my blog post about it.

Yours in reading,

Bec and Paul

Wednesday, March 7th 2018

Good Morning 3-AC Parents!

We have been busy, busy, busy lately! One important item we are working on is our culture inquiry project. Students are taking notes and researching their questions, along with planning out their upcoming interview. It is important during the inquiry process to reach out to someone and ask them about their personal experiences, even if they cannot directly answer the question(s). Interviewing is a good skill for the students to have, and then thanking the interviewee afterwards. Thank you notes will be completed during class. Please ask your child who they plan to interview and how.

During Reader’s Workshop we have been reviewing topic, main idea, and details from non-fiction books in preparation for comparing and contrasting two non-fiction books about a similar topic. Right now there is modelling taking place, but later in the week the students will be partnered up, with two non-fiction animal books, and will work together to find similar details from chosen sections. Eventually students will be doing this process individually.

In Writer’s Workshop we finished up the publishing of our Fairy Tales (which will be shared at conferences) and have moved on to Literary non-fiction. This is a new type of writing for us. We take non-fiction facts and put them into story format. We have many mentor texts we will be using like the Magic School Bus series and the Fly Guy series. This process is rather tricky, but we are taking it slow and steady.

Math Workshop has been fun with fractions! Lessons we have been working on include counting unit fractions, pictorial area models, building non-unit fractions less than one whole, number bonds with fractions, bigger than one whole with improper fractions (not mixed numbers), comparing fractions, and fraction units on a number line.

Social Studies was wrapped up with Chinese New Year and our cultural studies, and has now come to our inquiry project on a chosen culture with specific questions.






We are the second best World Air Toss champions!!

Although we did not win our World Air Toss championship game, 3AC did an amazing job and showed a lot of heart and team unity this morning. I could not be more proud of all of the students, they truly did their best and were in the lead within the last minute. 3TF beat us right at the last few seconds.

A sincere thank you to all of you who came out and cheered us on, this was a truly memorable moment for all of us this year!

The entire elementary school P.E. department was very complimentary of 3AC:







World Air Toss Finals are Friday!

Hello Parents,

As you may have heard 3AC is in the World Air Toss finals against 3TF tomorrow morning at 8:15 in Gym 1. You are welcome to come and watch, we would love to have you there!

To get into the spirit, we would like the students to wear black tomorrow to school to show team unity. If you do not have black, another dark colour will suffice. I also have a little face paint that we will be wearing for those who want it. We will write 3 on one cheek and AC on the other.

Since the finals begin promptly at 8:15, we ask that all students are on time tomorrow morning and are ready to go.

Hope to see you tomorrow!


Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Hello! We have had an exciting week, with going to the design lab and World Air Toss as the highlights.

Reading: We are wrapping up our unit on Folktales. Students have learned about fairy tales, folk tales, porquoi stories and fables. We have read classics and cultural literature like, Mulan, Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters, Woodcutter and Tiger Brother, Why is the Sky Far Away, A Story A Story, Anansi the Spider, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and Koala Lou to name a few. Students have learned characteristics of these tales along with the structure, and have also written a Porquoi tale comic.

Writing: This week we are publishing our fairy tale stories which will be shared with you at conferences. Some are publishing on paper while others are publishing using Word or Notes on their iPad. Some mini-lessons for this unit included adaptations, similarities and differences of various versions of fairy tales, small details, culture, small moment, drafting, revising, and editing.

Math: We have assessed Module 4 of Area and will be beginning fractions soon. Students had lots of practice building arrays with labelling lengths and widths. Skip counting and multiplying helped us find areas, as well as using the distributive property.

Social Studies: Our cultural unit has been full of fun and informative lessons and experiences. We have learned about the cultural iceberg, did a step in/step out activity, learned about celebrations and customs, and food. Last week we partnered up to design lunch boxes and build them in the design lab based on various types of lunches we bring. Then, students presented them and voted on a favourite, which we are hoping will be printed using the 3-D printer.


Monday, January 15, 2018

Good Morning! There are a couple of events coming up you need to know about.

First, tomorrow we have our class photo at 1:40. If you plan on ordering the picture, please send the order form (came home Friday) and money tomorrow.

Second, on Saturday there is a screening at Shine for 20 RMB of the movie Wonder. We read this book as teacher read aloud before the Winter break. Click on link below for more information.

wonder movie poster

2018 the year of the Dog! Students came up with a word to guide them through the year!

Reading:  We have started our new unit of Folktales. Students have been learning about fairytales and fables so far. The students are learning about the story mountain structure of folktales and how fairytales end happily, while fables end with a certain satisfaction and a moral or lesson.

Writing:  After easing into writer’s workshop with daily writing about small moments over winter break, students are now deciphering the similarities and differences between fairytales. We have read several versions of Cinderella and are comparing and contrasting them to help us later when we write our own version of a chosen fairytale.

Math:  In Math we are focusing on area, specifically area as an attribute of plane figures, decomposing and recomposing shapes, side lengths and number of tiles on a side forming rectangles to make arrays using square units and interpreting area models to form arrays.

Social Studies:  Culture is our current unit of study for social studies. We have been sharing about various cultures we encountered over break, reading about what culture means, and now we are creating identity art that showcases our own lives and what makes us who we are.

Sunday, January 7th 2018

Hello Parents,

I hope you all had a relaxing and enjoyable break!

To help ease all of us back into the swing of school I would like the students to bring in one artifact/picture/object/momento/souvenir/story that showcases their winter break to bring in and share with the class. This will also help launch our culture unit that we are beginning this week in Social Studies. We will be sharing these items on Monday.

Thank you, enjoy your last moments!

Mrs. Costa

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Good Morning,

I wanted to keep you all updated on next week. First, we are having our class party on Thursday from 1:55-3:15. We will be watching a movie and having snacks. The students may also wear “comfy” clothes and bring a blanket, pillow, stuffed animal to have for the movie.

Also, Friday, December 15th is a half day with student dismissal at 11:30. Please let me know if you are planning to leave before that time.

The students have each signed up to bring something to the party, either supplies, drinks, salty or sweet foods. Please see below:


Zoe (napkins)


Chloe (cups)

Leo (plates)









Ji Hoon

Jungyoon (sour)









Mrs. Costa

Please let me know if you have any questions.