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The Metro ticketing system can be confusing. If you do not know Chinese you will not be able to seek help. First, you must learn to buy a ticket. There are ticket machines situated at the entrances of metro stations. This interactive image will show you how to buy a ticket.  interactive image

After you buy a ticket, you will find it looks like this. The first 6 kilometers is 3 yuan and then the price is based upon distance. This is modeled in the graph shown.

You may also buy a transportation smart card, which works as an ID card. A card costs 25 yuan. This can be seen in the interactive image. This is not necessary albeit the convenience of not purchasing tickets every stop.

If using the ticket machines is difficult, you may buy a ticket from the desk located behind security, they may not speak English. Use this resource to help you communicate!

If you have any questions, please contact Austin Justin Dorothy, or Samantha. 


Click this link to learn more about the Beijing Metro system: here

Subway stations are easy to spot. There will be many maps to guide you.


In the subway, there are certain stops that allow for line transfers, These stops will have 2 arrows indicating there is a line transfer on the map. There will be a map above the subway doors, On both sides, there will be a metro train, they both go different ways. It will show the last station in its direction and the current station; this will be used to determine the direction. The stations highlighted in the color of the line is the station the train will go to.

Traveling Tips

Some information about the Beijing on the Metro:

1 There will be multiple entrances and exits within a subway station. Confirm the direction of your destination and which exit will take you there.

2. The metro stations have English signs directing tourists towards places like exits and line transfers.

3. Passengers can find toilets on the platform level or in the ticket hall of each stop.

4. Take care of personal belongings, pickpockets may be try to steal your belongings.

5. No pets are allowed on the metro.

6. Stay behind the yellow line when you are waiting for the metro.

7. Please take loose change to the metro station as the ticketing machine only accepts CYN5 and CYN10. (for buying single-use tickets) You can change money at the ticket stand.

8. A child shorter than 1.3 meters (4.3 feet) cannot ride metro alone. If an adult takes one 4.3 feet or shorter child on the metro, the child is free of charge; if two, one of the children is free of charge.

9. Subways don’t run 24/7, trains run from 5:00am-11:00pm.

10. You may need to split up and board different carriages if traveling with a group of people.

Rush hours:

People will engage in physical contact to gain space or board the subway. If you are to board the train at rush hour be aware.

7:00-10:00 in the morning

6:00-8:00 in the evening.


This picture was taken in the morning at 9:00 on Line 15



Airport Express: The airport express will transport you to the airport, from hence airport express. On the airport express, there are sufficient seats for all passengers, you will not need to stand if you wish to sit.

Service Hours:
T3: 06:22 – 22:52;
T2: 06:36 – 23:10;
Dongzhimen: 06:00–22:30

Ticket Price: CNY25/person
Stations: 4
Route: Dongzhimen → Sanyuanqiao → T3 → T2 → Sanyuanqiao → Dongzhimen

Dongzhimen Station allows for transfer to subway lines 2 and 13, this transfer is free.

Sanyuanqiao allows for transfer subway line 10, be aware the transfer is not free.

Passengers must buy separate tickets to transfer lines. Those in possession of large luggage are not suggested to board the Airport Express Train during peak hours, especially downtown subway lines.



Bathrooms will be located on the boarding section or near vending booths. Public restrooms will not be sanitary.


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