This year was the first year Grade 10 Science followed the NGSS Science Standards, as we have rolled out this new curriculum.  With this K-10 Science curriculum, we are lucky to be able to provide engineering experiences to all students every year to apply their science content to solve problems, learn new skills and think like an engineer.

For this project’s development, 3 Science teachers and 2 Ed Tech and Design teachers worked to plan, implement and coach students through this student-driven learning experience.

Students were to focus on a specific area of Climate Change and then create a media campaign to try to impact a specific audience.  Students also had to design & create (at least a prototype) of an engineering solution, product design, system or event for this specific audience as well.  Students worked for about a month on this project with check-ins along the way from all 5 teachers.  It was a successful project, but we want to make some changes for next year.  For one, the systems design was challenging for students and when their was no tangible product, some students struggled to go deep enough to show that they system was feasible or a viable solution.  Next year, we will have better examples to share with students, as this is the first project of its type in our program, so students are as accustomed to this type of design.

A really successful part of this project was the exhibition at the end of the project.  Students shared their campaign and learning with a large part of our community and it was great to hear the students articulate their learning and seeing how passionate many students had become.  We think that a few of these project will continue further as events or projects for clubs and CAS and we are excited that this project was a catalyst for these ideas.