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Grade 9 Engineering Challenge


This year, as a part of our newly integrated Science course, our Grade 9 students learned about energy transfer.  For the first time, students participated in an engineering challenge to demonstrate their understanding of these scientific concepts.

The NGSS standard was:

The Engineering task was: Design and Create a toy or device that demonstrates energy transfer.

It was a very successful unit, with students creating wind up toys, solar cars, bubble machines, kinetic energy transformers and more.

As teachers, we also learned a lot. It was really difficult to manage 130 students working on independent projects, all requiring different materials and techniques.  Even between the Science and Design labs, we still felt like we could have used more space!

HS BEAD Math Project

Class feedback session

Students in the Business, Engineering, Arts and Design (BEAD) Math class were given a design challenge to either:

  1. Design a game OR
  2. Design an accessory

A prototype for a personalized “Guess Who” style game for a Grade 3 class to practice their language and mathematics skills

These products had to have authentic purposes and students needed to find their own clients.  Students followed the ISB Design Process and continually sought feedback by connecting with their clients to improve their prototypes.

Students learn how to use Adobe Illustrator to vector draw

Ines designing jewelry for her mother.

EAL 9-10 & Design Project

Alex creates his final design – a portable step stool for Mrs. Monroe


Grade 9 & 10 EAL class found teacher clients to follow the design process and create a product needed by their teachers.  They developed their language skills through authentic tasks such as interviewing, summarizing, reflecting and inquiring.  Students designed and create a variety of products that their teachers could use in their classrooms.


Students kept a process journal and documented their whole design process.


A student designed and learned how to use the laser cutter to create a suction cup protractor for his math teacher

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