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Adding the Day Rotation to Your Calendar

The rotating block schedule is great for student learning, but as a teacher it can be to keep track of what day in the cycle it is. Fortunately, you can add the rotation schedule to your Outlook calendar so you can easily see what day it is! Here’s how:

First, open the calendar page from Dragon’s Gate and select the iCal feed from the right sidebar.

In the window that pops up, choose the iCal feed of the calendar you wish to sync. Click the “Get Standard iCal URL” option.

In the window that pops up, copy the URL to the calendar feed:

Switch over to your Outlook Online Calendar and select “Add calendar”:

Paste the URL into the correct box and give the calendar a name. You can even change the color and/or select an icon that will appear before all events:


Your new calendar should now appear both in the Online calendar and in the Desktop App calendar; and you’ll never lose track of the days again!


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  1. Thank you! This really helped.

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