Podcasting is a pretty fun activity and GarageBand is a great tool for recording your podcasts. Here are three video tutorials to help you get started making a podcast using Garageband.

Garageband Settings

Quick Notes:

  • Create empty project
  • get rid of: 1234 (countdown and metranome), swap timer

Recording Tip


Quick Notes

  • If you make an error count 3 seconds and then go back to the beginning of the sentence with the error and keep going.
  • When you go to edit, look for the long gaps. Listen to the recording on either side of the gap to see if there’s an error to delete.
  • Make sure you have clicked “track” in the lower left hand corner to be able to select and delete sound bites.
  • Record in a quiet place.
  • Speak up and read with expression. Don’t rush.

Exporting Your Podcast


Quick Notes

  • Remember to save frequently
  • Go to “Share” menu
  • Export song to disk
  • Decide where to save the file.
  • Choose settings: MP3, Medium Quality
  • Click export