Once you have chosen your poems to present, decide on what format you want to present your poem in:

  1. Kinetic Typography: Mother to Son by Langston Hughes | Video created by Christina Riley
  2. Narrated Visual Reading: Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein | video created by Wimbami Press
  3. LipDub (Here’s an example: Please Don’t Resist Me by Luka Lesson)

Decide on how you break up your poetry (you should have no more than 10-15 words per frame/slide.

If you are creating a narrated visual reading:

  1. Find one to three high quality image that represents your poem (please make sure it is landscape)
  2. Create credits like this for your last title page:
  3. Insert subtitles for the poem, please stick with the same font/color.
  4. Check timing of frames, to make sure there is enough to read the text for that image.
  5. Record your narration over the image.
  6. Share to file (include your name in the file name)
  7. Airdrop your file to Mr. Carter

If you are creating a kinetic typography poetry presentation:

  1. Open Powerpoint (Desktop Version) (Here a great tutorial here)
  2. Create a simple presentation with a solid background
  3. Create a few blank slides
  4. Choose the main font style you want to use.
  5. Copy and paste poem through separate text boxes on different slides
  6. Resize/move text and animate text boxes
  7. Play animations per slide to make sure they work the way you want them to
  8. Export presentation as .mov file (this make take some time, be patient!)
  9. Open iMovie
  10. Import .mov file
  11. Record narration over video
  12. Export movie file (File>Share>File), Use Medium Quality, Compress: Faster options
  13. Upload to Dragon’s Tube
  14. Embed on your blog

If you are creating a lipdub video for your poem:

  1. Film clips of people reading your poem (please hold your phone landscape) & consider the background and quality of your video
  2. Import clips into iMovie
  3. Detach the audio and delete the audio from the original clips
  4. Narrate you and your partners voices over the clip, carefully matching the lips/sound.
  5. Share to file (include your name in the file name)
  6. Airdrop your file to Mr. Carter