DX gives teachers lots of tools and features to help manage assignments: from calendar deadlines, to seeing who  has and hasn’t turned in the work on time (and sending messages to those who haven’t). There are also some great feedback tools that you can use with students: rubrics, annotations to submitted work, as well as written and audio comments.

You can now let parents see this feedback on an assignment by assignment basis!

On a specific assignment, a teacher can enable the ability for parents to see comments and scores, and even to view the submission itself. This can also be done retroactively.

A parent can then navigate to a particular course for their child and click “View Gradebook”:


If the teacher has allowed parents to only view score and comments, the parents will see the rubric and the general comments:


If the teacher has also allowed parents to view the submission, they can get even more information: Comments, annotations, self-assessment and teacher assessment:

There still isn’t a way for teachers to know if a parent has viewed the submission, so you may want to send them an email (easy to pull from PowerSchool) or ask parents to sign some sort of slip to acknowledge that they have seen the feedback.