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MS Online Learning Exemplars: End of Year

Online Learning Exemplars Main Table of Contents


Captivate/Clarify: Krista ended the year with a choice writing unit, allowing students to showcase their creativity by allowing them to choose their genre while they all worked towards the common goal of incorporating and leveling up skills as graphic novelists. She laid out the tasks at the beginning of the unit so that students knew what was expected of them and met with students throughout the unit to support their creation process.


Captivate/Clarify: Verina creates daily screencasts for students and connects with them live multiple times a week. Her directions are clear and concise so that students know what is expected of them. She also differentiates, helping all students feel challenged.



Captivate/Clarify: Ashlea provided a variety of ways for students to interact with the concepts of the last unit.

Clarify: Mona broke the final project down into 4 manageable parts, 3 research assignments and a 4th assignment to put everything together and share. She also provided text instructions accompanied by videos and live lessons.


World Language

Captivate/Clarify: Kevin used a variety of ways to present information to students. He ended the year with an autobiography project, allowing students to use their new Spanish skills in a creative way via BookCreator.

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