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How to update Seesaw class settings

The ES are doing great things in Seesaw, including lots of student, teacher and parent activity. There are a range of different settings you can explore to find ways to customise the Seesaw experience to your class or grade level. In the following video, I’ll show you how to:

  • Add specialist and co-teachers to class journals
  • Edit students’ preferred names & icons
  • Add parents & allow parent access
  • Add/edit folders & skills
  • Allow student comments & “likes”

We will continue to add Seesaw resources to the Ed Tech blog. In the meantime, please let Bec and myself know anytime you have a question or celebration around Seesaw or if there is another resource you think would benefit the school.


OneNote Class Notebooks

OneNote Class Notebooks are a great way to distribute shared resources to a whole class of students and oversee/feedback to individual and group responses. Over the coming weeks we will be building more resources that document the specific ways different teachers are using Class Notebooks. It is quite easy to set up and explore, even if you are not quite sure on the degree to which you want to use the tool. If you are interested in setting up a Class Notebook, take a look at the video below and if you would like an Ed Tech Facilitator to run a demonstration 1-1, in a team meeting, or with your class, please be in touch.


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