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Bookmarks for the New Year

Here are a lot of common sites that you will need for your everyday teaching/learning at ISB:

Dragon’s Exchange (DX) – Learning Management System for Secondary Students and Teachers

Dragons’ Tube .  Internal video curation system for teachers and students

Blogs – student blogs

Ed Tech Blog – The blog created by the EdTech team for resources

Powerschool – Attendance, Grading

Dragons’ Gate – Login section of the School website

Vidigami .  – Internal photo curation system

Categories vs Tags

It’s important to organise the information we share through our blogs to allow users to effectively access previous posts. Two ways to do this are through categories and tags – but what are they? How are categories and tags different and why should we use them? In the following video, Bec shares the different ways categories and tags make it easier to organise your blog’s content.

Scheduling a meeting in Outlook

In last Monday’s TLT, Bec and Clint showed us how to use Scheduling Assistant in Outlook to book a meeting. It is still a bit tricky when making a time with teachers, as class times do not currently feature in calendars, however, this is our recommended method for making a time to meet with specialists… such as Bec and I!


What Can I Borrow? Checking out Tech Equipment

As you know, the EdTech Facilitators have moved into the libraries to work more closely with the librarians and to make way for the beautiful new ES Design Lab.  So, all the equipment has also moved as well and is ready for check out!

We are now using Destiny Quest to check out tech equipment, just like library books, so come on down to the MS/HS EdTech HUB in the library to(short-term) checkout a great device to help you with your next project.

You will see a variety of items below. We also have two green screens, and one frame.  The 3D printer is not to borrow, but we have three in the library.  They are for use by teachers and students with permission from teachers (for school work).  We also have a plethora of iPads for short term use.

If you want to check something out, come on by or contact Jonathan Song: jsong@isb.bj.edu.cn

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