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At the International School of Beijing, we have a wide array of services that we subscribe to in order to support blended learning. These tools are especially important when it comes to providing an engaging online learning environment for students when away from campus.

Please note: in order to view videos hosted on Microsoft Stream or to view documents stored in Office 365, you must be signed in to your ISB Office 365 account.

Online Tools and Subscriptions

As a school, we already had access to a large number of subscriptions to online tools that are integral to creating successful online learning environments. We have also purchased some new subscriptions and have been generously donated Pro-level subscriptions by other companies to help us provide the best experiences for our students. Below are some of the subscriptions that we have:

  • Clever (PK-12) – Provides Single Sign On for students and teachers across a variety of subscriptions. Log in to Clever at http://www.clever.com/in/isb and use your email address and password. You will then be taken to a portal page that lists all of the services that have been linked and that you have access to. For many of these, class rosters have already been imported and teachers can start creating assignments and tracking student data.
  • Dragons’ Exchange (DX) – Our LMS for Middle School and High School. Login with your Microsfot 365 account.
  • Seesaw – Our learning journal for Elementary School. Login via Clever.
  • Loom for Education (PK-12) –  Create and edit screencasts and videos. Download the completed file to your computer, or save it in the cloud.
  • BrainPop, BrainPop Jr., BrainPop ELL (K – 8) – Everybody loves Moby and his video explanations of a wide range of topics. In addition to assigning videos, teachers can also assign activities like quizzes, mind maps, and others that align with our learning standards. Access through Clever.
  • Newsela (K-12) – Newsela provides nonfiction and current event content linked to our standards and at various reading levels. Teachers can create text sets and assign them to their class (already created by Clever). Teachers can view data from the assignments to help engage their students. Sign in through Clever.
  • IXL (G1-G5, 9-1 2) – IXL offers skills support for students. Teachers can use their Clever login to track individual and class data linked to our math standards. Sign in through Clever.
  • Raz Kids (K-5) – Provides a library of leveled readers as well as comprehension quizzes. Teachers can assign levels to students (+/- their reading level) to ensure they find that ‘just right’ book.
  • Explore Learning Math and Science Simulations (G3 – G12): Assign math and science simulations to your class to help them explore and understand math and science concepts. Access through Clever.
  • EdPuzzle (K-12): Turn any video into an interactive formative assessment and track student responses. We’ve been given a 3 month trial to their pro features. Contact Clint Hamada for the join code!
  • Epic (PK3 – 5) – Another provider of online leveled readers for students. Sign in through Clever.
  • Book Creator (PK-12) – Students can create interactive books on their computer or iPad as a  way of sharing their learning. Teachers can also create books as an innovative way to bring a variety of resources together for students.
  • ThingLink (K-12)  – Embed media into images to create an interactive and immersive display. Sign in with your Microsoft account.
  • Padlet (currently trouble accessing in China): Sign in to our school account at http://isbeijing.padlet.org using your Microsoft account
  • Classkick: Formative assessment tool that allows students to annotate work and teachers to comment, either in real-time or asynchronously. Sign in through Clever.

Dragons’ Exchange (DX)

Dragons’ Exchange is our learning management system. All MS and HS classes are synced through Powerschool. In addition to our Common Practices, DX offers lots of options to support online learning and assessment. There were three sessions related to DX in our recent online learning PD day:

Getting the Most from DX Newsfeeds by Clint Hamada
Resource Link

DX Assignments, Rubrics and Self Assessment by Clint Hamada

Using and Designing DX Quizzes by Laura Brown

In addition, the developers of DX – Teamie – offer detailed support on their Help Center.

Class Management

Newsfeeds (Thoughts, Questions, Tasks)

  • Managing Discussions
  • Adding Tasks (as opposed to other newsfeed items) – Enables students to see all of the work they need to do in one place and is added to their calendars.

Creating and Managing Materials: Units and Lessons

Assignments and Assessment


Students in the ES using Seesaw to maintain their own learning journals. During online learning, teachers are using Seesaw activities to collaborate with one another and push out activities/assignments to students.

Managing Your Class


Ideas for Using Seesaw

There were many sessions related to Seesaw in our recent online learning PD day:

Creating Seesaw Activities for Beginners by Gene MacLachlan
Resource Link

Embedding External Content into Seesaw Activities by Bec Taylor and Paul Wong
Resource Link

Managing Seesaw Activities and Assessment Data by Gene MacLachlan
Resource Link

Creating a Seesaw Mini Lesson in Chinese by Lilian Wong
Resource Link


Clever is a single-sign on (SSO) site that can be used by students of all ages. For younger students, they can scan their Clever QR code (provided by their teacher) on any device and log in to the portal. Older students (Grade 4 and up) and teachers can login using LDAP by using their school email address and password.

Once logged in to Clever, students have one-touch access to a wide variety of subscriptions. There is no need (in most cases) for them to know their individual logins for each of these subscriptions. Clever just logs them in!

For teachers, Clever has the added benefit of rostering classes in some app. This means when you click on Brain Pop, Newsela, Gizmos or some of the other apps, not only will it log you in to our paid subscription, but your class rosters will already be created and updated with your current PowerSchool roster. Just assign the resource to your class and collect data from your students!

Video Tools

Collaboration Tools

  • Classkick – A digital formative assessment tool that allows teachers to create lessons and assignments that students work through on their devices at their own pace. Contact We have a subscription as a school. Intro Video
  • Padlet – Login with your ISB Microsoft account to get access to our school account.

Creation Tools

  • ThingLink
  • Book Creator
  • Loom

Content Tools

  • Explore Learning Gizmos – Perfect for math and science in grades 3 and up. Log in through Clever and your classes are already created. Just assign the simulation that will help your students understand new material.
  • IXL – Math skills and practice aligned to CCSS


Analytics Overview

Skills Analysis

IXL Suggested Skills

IXL Skills Plan

  • Newsela

Annotations for Close Reading

Text Sets
Reviewing Student Work
  • BrainPop, BrainPop Jr, BrainPop ELL
Tracking Student Activity Assessment with BrainPop Concept Mapping in BrainPop
  • Raz Kids
  • Epic Books

Online Learning Graphics

Resources from Other Schools

Creating engaging digital content for online learning – Ideas collected/created by Keri-Lee Beasley at WAB.

Yokohama International School Continuous Learning

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ISB Online Learning and Mindfulness

Beacon Hill (Hong Kong) Zoom Tutorials



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