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HS Online Learning Exemplars: End of Year

Online Learning Exemplars Main Table of Contents

Asia & the World II

Clarify/Care: Brian provides multiple ways for students to understand and interact by creating screencasts, meeting 1:1 with students, and facilitating peer feedback protocols.



Care/Captivate: Before asking students to share about their own neighborhoods and houses, Chuyu models with her own video. The video gives students a window into her life while also providing the opportunity for authentic questions.


Clarify: Allison shares a weekly overview to the grade 10 newsfeed, sharing the weekly task list, and linking to the materials section that has all of the information students need in a clearly laid out format.




Clarify: Dave clearly explains expectations and deadlines. He also communicates with students about where he is in the world and when he is available.



Care/Clarify: Janice combines written instructions with audio instructions to clarify new tasks.


Visual Arts

Care/Classroom Management: As part of his daily instructions, Devin gives students a ‘question of the day’  to get them thinking and engaging in the discussion.

HS Online Learning Exemplars: Week 7

eLearning Exemplars Main Table of Contents

Asia & the World

Captivate/Clarify: The grade 9 team provides clear learning objectives with engaging ways (EdPuzzle & Quizlet) for students to interact with new content.


Care/Clarify: Deb uses formatting to provide clear & concise directions and focus areas. She also provides multiple ways for students to check-in and connect.


Clarify: Dave gives his Film HL classes weekly plans that are concise with clear expectations.

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